LIN:I'm happy to see the teacher again!He made the class more joyful!Hope can see him again~       Zoey:有帶我們conversation,活用英文。解釋單字組成,覺得很棒!       Cynthia:老師說話盡量放慢配合我們程度,也時刻詢問我們是否有吸收,謝謝       Mia:老師發音很清楚,很喜歡今天教材因為很實用       Peggy:The teacher tried hard to make students understand the materials. Good. I like it.       ZOE:謝謝老師很用心的教導喔~!!!讓我學到很多東西!       Hans:John is very nice to correcting the mistake i made at class again and again and it's an interesting class as usual. Thank you.       Colin:Thanks teacher for your teaching and detail explain in class. Hope next time i can join your class again.       Jeffrey:As always, Stephanie patiently answer my questions and correct my mistakes. very helpful!       Melody:老師讓全部的人都有充分練習到對話~加強口說的部份也很多~也解說得很清楚!謝謝老師~~       Bianca:Thanks to Mr.Cyrus who was in patience on correcting my pronunciation. Nice lesson today.       Jamie:上完老師的課腦袋好像更靈活,上課一點也不無聊~       Austin:Teacher is humorous, Great!       Ava:老師會適時糾正發音..GOOD       Weslly:The lesson is practical!Thank teacher!       amy:老師的上課方式是比較輕鬆的感覺就像朋友在聊天那樣覺得還不錯 也會讓我們去用英文解釋單字能加以練習在說話的技巧       Neil:老師有趣並善於鼓勵       Carrie:老師很認真,也很樂意回答同學的問題       amy:老師很細心糾正發音與重音,也舉很多例子,親切幽默讓人想繼續上課       EMMA:老師很有耐心,教的很認真也很實用!謝謝^^       santi:Rosa老師很有親和力,教學過程中不會感到壓力, 也很有適時的糾正同學發音或文法上的錯誤, 很棒!       bill:Great class!Although this course is our first class , i enjoyed your instruction and passion!!Thank your Teacher.John and have a nice day!!       Jenny:第一次上課,很緊張,沒什麼思緒,英文也很爛,不過,還好老師都很有耐心的教導,所以還蠻謝謝的       hanna:喜歡老師的方式,屬於自然發音,不是kk音標硬記的那種~~比較好記,開心       Mini:老師很用心 會舉很多例子讓我學更多用法       Ina:喜歡老師的教學方式       chinyun:老師教學方式很活潑,我很喜歡。       LIN:很認真的老師!!!!       joyce:老師會製造模擬劇情,讓學生們對話,很有趣。       Clone :老師對煮飯也有一定的心得,很適合上這個主題。今天老師幫我釐清了 grill、bake、broil 這3種烤的差異,尤其是 broil、bake。很多學生認為bake專用於麵包類,其實是錯誤的。       Jim:今天學習到很多單字跟片語和文法 今天收穫很多 我會繼續加油的 謝謝老師       Peggy:The way Peter speaks makes me relaxed while speaking English. He is a nice one.       Jennifer:Peter是位很有耐心的老師,我有問題會馬上停下來聽我說,並馬上給予解答。       Sandra:老師每個單字都解說得非常細,所以就算課上到超過一點點時間我們也學得很開心,老師會講解某個單字會有不同意思,雖然初學者的我一開始容易搞混,但老師願意教我們更多我還是學得很開心,即使時間超過了,老師還會問學生們有沒有什麼疑問?並不會因為超過時間就草草做end,就覺得這老師超nice的       Norah:Sonja Lee is a very nice teacher. She is patience and professional. And I really nervous on class because have not practice English for a long time.       Jeffrey:Aaron is very enthusiastic in providing more related examples to today's topic. Thanks!       Ray:Today's lesson is very interesting.Rosa teacher is very good.She always slowly talked with us.I could understand her meanings in clear, so I have a full of harvest today.Rosa teacher could mark a explanation under a difficult word or phrase for us.She encouranged us to talk conversation as much as possible.Thank Rosa teacher for her instructing in patient and clearly.       AMY:老師的補充非常的受用,且適合的糾正發音。引導我使用完整的句子作練習並且造句。很棒的老師,希望能再遇到這位老師。       MING:Good objects for our learning today. We often come to the ATM withdraw money when we need emergency even traveling in the foreign.Today's learning and study are useful for everyone.Thanks Tin Lin.       Daniel:Jay is a nice teacher. But I can not follow teacher's speed of speak. I have a little disappointed at my listening. I hope I will better next time.       Maggie: Jonathan Fan 老師, 擅長用不同方式來解決不同問題, 不會侷限在教材裡, 老師會用不同方式讓學生明確得到幫忙, 這是我認為Jonathan Fan 老師最大的特色也是我最喜歡的       Carrie:很有收穫的一堂課,學到很多 也從同學身上學到很多conversation,我會繼續加油!       Sue:上Stephanie Coleman老師的課可以訓練聽力,如果多發問也可以學習到很多。       amy:解釋詳細,舉例豐富,熱情親切, 喜歡這個老師       Jerry:Thank you Rosa.We had a fantastic conversation this evening and I really learned a lot through it.Today I learned about how to say about numbers,especially on the fractions.That was something new for me and I will practice later.Once again,thanks for your guiding today and I'm expecting next.       EMMA:一對一教學真的很有趣!學得比較仔細!老師也很用心的教導我!指導我的問題點!老師很棒!!謝謝^^       santi:Aidan's teaching is very attencion to detail!I learned a lot tonight! tanks Aidan! I'm very enjoy your teaching!!       Leo:Great !!!I really like your class !!You speak is really clear that I have listen ~I thank a lot for you have correct my grammar patiently !!See you next time , and I hope I can talk much better with you :D       bill:Hello Teacher,Benic!Your explanation about financial knowledge is very clearly!I enjoyed it!Have a nice day!       Peggy:She is a good teacher, who gave me more vocabulary about this lesson. She tried hard to make ideas clearer to me.       Vivian:Dear Ms. Sherlyn,Thank you for your attentiveness.Helping me correct the wrong sentences and giving me more examples.^0^       Celine:Jean Liao 老師很用心教學並補充自己準備的教材       Rossetti:謝謝Angelia老師每次都為我們準備課外教材,讓我們學習更多。希望下次再上到Angelia老的課。       Mark:老師會仔細聽我的回答,並且幫我修正每個句子,即使是很小的錯誤,老師也會很細心幫我改正,讓我知道用以前講的方式是錯的,我覺得很棒。       grace:amazing !!!!I enjoy English lyrics , but Taiwanese teacher always say that we won't learn any thing on it So the way you teach make me feel excited hahaha       Jeffrey:Walter helps me a lot on those topics we talked in class which are both related and unrelated to the material. Thanks Walter!       Ray:Rosa teacher is the best one of English teachers I met. It's my pleasure that I was instructed by Rosa teacher.Today's lesson is more fun.Teacher gave us a question,I had a conversation in this issue with my classmate.That is a good instructing for me.I like it.Thank Rosa teacher for her instructing in clear,detail and patient.       Daniel:Chen is a nice teacher. He can guide me to make sentences when i was in trouble. On the other hand,i like the teacher's speed of speak.       Ryne:WOW~~~AWESOME!!It was a great conversation : ) Everything in the class was very easy to understand ~ Teacher played a very important role!Thank you very much : )       kareem:Ken is great in teaching & conversation.I want to have more classes with him.      



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